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We Launch a New Series & Special Deal Awaits! Introducing QQMilkT Soup!

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QQMILKT Soup is the latest addition to Meet Fresh! Our amazing Buy One, Get One (BOGO) promotion provides twice the fun! Prepare to excite your taste buds with our latest innovation, designed to perfection to take your experience to new heights. We’re excited to introduce this delicious delicacy, which promises to satisfy your sweet tooth while doubling the fun with our special BOGO offer.

Deals Available at: 📍Arcadia, CA 📍Cerritos, CA📍Cupertino, CA 📍Fremont, CA📍Hacienda Heights, CA📍Irvine, CA📍Santa Clara, CA📍Temple City, CA

Multiple Combos Available – Or Create Your Own!

You will have multiple options when ordering the QQMilkT Soup Series – The Icy QQMilkT Soup Signature, Combo A, B, C, or Create Your Own Icy QQMilkT Soup dessert:

Icy QQMilkT Soup Signature

Toppings: Shaved Ice, QQMilkT Soup, Taro Balls, Boba, Caramel Pudding, Potaro Balls.

*Allergens: dairy, corn starch, caffeine, peanuts.

Are you a huge pudding lover? Then the Icy QQMilkT Soup Signature is a must-try for you! The dessert contains a whole caramel pudding, along with the silky pudding in the soup. Pairing the taro balls and potaro balls with fillings creates a wonderful multi-level dessert experience.

Icy QQMilkT Soup Combo A

Toppings: Shaved Ice, QQMilkT Soup, Taro Balls, Boba, Red Beans, Peanuts.

*Allergens: dairy, corn starch, caffeine, peanuts.

If you enjoy chewy toppings with soft and dense beans, then Icy QQMilkT Soup Combo A will be your choice. The softly and well-boiled red beans and peanuts perfectly combine with the chewy taro balls and boba and the silky QQMilkT Soup. Thus, it will gain popularity among fans!

Icy QQMilkT Soup Combo B

Toppings: Shaved Ice, QQMilkT Soup, Taro Balls, Boba, Red Beans, Taro.

*Allergens: dairy, corn starch, caffeine.

The taro has always been an iconic and popular topping in Meet Fresh. The soft and dense taro, with a slight and elegant aroma, pairs with the red beans to give this Icy QQMilkT Soup Combo B a classic and reminiscent feeling.


Icy QQMilkT Soup Combo C

Toppings: Shaved Ice, QQMilkT Soup, Taro Balls, Boba, Melon Jelly, Rice Balls.

*Allergens: dairy, corn starch, caffeine.

Suppose you like toppings that are not overly sweet with a generous chewy topping portion. In that case, we recommend the Icy QQMilkT Soup Combo C! You can taste a complete creamy and sweet QQMilkT Soup while the not overly sweet yet chewy melon jelly and rice balls will provide a different texture to the dessert.


Icy QQMilkT Soup Create Your Own

Toppings: Shaved Ice, QQMilkT Soup, Taro Balls.

*Allergens: dairy, corn starch, caffeine.

Do you like some creative combinations or want to add all your favorite toppings in one bowl? Not a problem! Choose the Icy QQMilkT Soup Create Your Own and add all the toppings you want to the soup base. Lychee jelly, grass jelly, sesame rice balls, or else… All your choice!

Dive into creamy delight with our original creation, precisely crafted to provide a blast of flavor with each taste. Whether you’re a Meet Fresh fan or new to our signature desserts, this enticing addition is sure to become your new favorite. Don’t pass up the chance to double the taste with our limited-time BOGO promotion.

*May 1st launching at 📍Arcadia, CA📍Atlanta, GA📍Brooklyn, NY📍Cerritos, CA📍Cupertino, CA📍Edison, NJ 📍Flushing, NY📍Fremont, CA📍Hacienda Heights, CA📍Houston, TX📍Honolulu, HI📍Irvine, CA📍Manhattan, NY📍Plano, TX 📍San Mateo, CA📍Santa Clara, CA📍Seattle, WA📍Temple City, CA
*The rest of the Meet Fresh locations will launch the series on Jun.1, 2024.

Jon Yao's Special

Michelin-Starred Chef Jon Yao ❌ Meet Fresh Collab

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Jon Yao's Special

Meet Chef Jon Yao!

You may know him as the chef at Michelin-starred Taiwanese restaurant KATO at The ROW in downtown LA. 

Last summer we collaborated with Top Chef Mei Lin and this spring, we are so excited to collaborate with Jon Yao, another prominent LA chef! Say hello to Jon Yao’s Special, an exclusive single serving shaved ice dessert that features the chef’s favorite Meet Fresh toppings, boba, grass jelly, Mini Q, Potaro Balls (purple), and our housemade milk tea sauce! 

Jon Yao’s Special is available April 15-30, 2023 at the following locations: Arcadia, Cerritos, Cupertino, Fremont, Hacienda Heights, Irvine, Livermore, San Jose, Santa Clara, and Temple City only. 

Net proceeds from this collaboration will go directly to the Downtown Women’s Center, an organization focused on serving and empowering women experiencing homelessness and formerly homeless women.

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