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Soy Bean

Tofu pudding made from choice non-GMO soy beans with a rich soy aroma and a surprisingly good taste to satisfy taste buds.

Red Bean

Releases a fragrant smell through the air after cooking, it has abundant iron which promotes circulation and increased immunity.

Grass Jelly

Dried herbal grass delivered directly from its place of origin, has a cooling effect and after simmering for 8 hours, it becomes soft and refreshing.


Naturally delicious flavors in Meet Fresh desserts are enhanced by a splash of our high-quality sugar.


The texture of the finest carefully selected taro is dense and soft and has appetizing and constipation prevention effects.
Taro Balls

Taro Ball

By careful selection of the finest soft and most fragrant taro following traditional techniques, the texture of each taro ball is soft, chewy, and delicate.

Authentic Taiwanese Desserts

Taiwanese desserts impressing the hearts of everyone worldwide