Icy Grass Jelly Combo C - Melon Jelly, Rice Balls, Boba, Grass Jelly, Shaved ICe

Icy Grass Jelly Combo C

428 Kcal


Grass Jelly, Melon Jelly, Rice Balls, Boba, Grass Jelly Shaved Ice

In Icy Grass Jelly Combo C, toppings include our aromatic herbal grass jelly, sweet and chewy melon jelly made from our Winter Melon Tea, mochi rice balls, and soft and chewy boba all layered over a generous serving of signature grass jelly shaved ice. With every bite, you’ll feel cool and refreshed!

*Includes 1 complimentary creamer

Ingredients in Icy Grass Jelly Combo C

Grass Jelly
Grass Jelly

Aromatic red beans that are sweet, earthy, and soft

Melon Jelly
Melon Jelly

Slightly sweet and chewy jelly made from Winter Melon Tea

Rice Balls
Rice Balls

Bouncy, chewy, mochi rice balls made from soft rice


Sweet and chewy boba made with natural sugars

Nutritional Information



Allergen Information

Vegan, Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free

*Without added coffee creamer

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