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Hot Almond Soup - Combo A, Red Beans, Peanuts, Boba, Taro Balls, Almond Flakes, Hot Almond Soup

Hot Almond Soup Combo A

780 Kcal


Taro Balls, Red Beans, Peanuts,  Boba, Almond Flakes, Almond Soup

Our Seasonal Hot Almond Soup is a perfect winter treat! Toppings include our soft and chewy signature Taro Balls, fragrant red beans, soft and crunchy peanuts, chewy boba, crunchy almond flakes, and hot almond soup.

*Seasonal item available at participating locations only

Ingredients in Hot Almond Soup Combo A

Taro Balls

Soft, chewy, and delicate taro balls made from the finest taro

Red Beans
Red Beans

Aromatic red beans that are sweet, earthy, and soft


Soft peanuts for the perfect amount of crunch in each bite


Sweet and chewy boba made with natural sugars

Almond Flakes
Almond Flakes

Thinly shaved almond flakes for added texture and flavor

Nutritional Information



Allergen Information

Contains Nut Allergen

*Contains Nuts (Almond and Peanut), Tapioca Starch, Corn Starch, Dairy


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