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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our menu or rewards program? Find your answers to the questions we get asked often below. Can’t find your answer? Contact us here and we’ll be in touch with you.

Meet Fresh’s Core Values & Missions

  • Meet Fresh’s core value is to use strictly chosen food ingredients and traditional processes to craft exquisite Taiwanese teas, treats, and desserts. Presently, Meet Fresh imports key ingredients from Taiwan to the United States. That is the reason why customers can taste the most authentic Taiwanese desserts in the United States! With a combination of sourcing strictly chosen food ingredients and following standard and traditional recipes and processes, we want to introduce the world to authentic Taiwanese desserts.

How to update points?

  • You may now update your missed points on your Meet Fresh App.
  • Rewards>Scan to Earn Points>Request Points

Missing Item, toppings, or other feedback/opinions?

  • Please attach the receipt, and item screenshots (if applicable), with the time, date, and location (as detailed as possible), and send the information to, and we will follow up with you as soon as possible.

Franchising information

Allergen, vegan options, vegetarian options, and non-caffeine options

How to Use Loyalty Points

  • You can use your loyalty points at most US Meet Fresh stores and tell the associates that you want to redeem the points. Every 50 points can be deducted $1 from the bill. However, the points cannot be used to purchase a gift card or promotions. 
  • You may now use your loyalty points up to 150 on your online orders. Please update your Meet Fresh app to its latest version.

* *The Meet Fresh app is currently not applicable in Flushing, NY, and Plano, TX.

How to Use Birthday Points

  • The complimentary 150 points will expire after 30 days (issue day: first day). Every 50 points can be deducted $1 from the bill. However, the points cannot be used to purchase gift cards or participate in any promotions.

Currently, we are integrating the system into our online ordering platform. That means you can use your loyalty points when making an online/app order very soon.

*Reward Point Program currently unavailable at Flushing, NY, and Plano, TX.

Interested in being a member of Meet Fresh Stores?

  • Please send your desired working location with your desired position, CV, and cover letter to, and we will refer you to the best contact.


  • Please send your information and proposal to, and we will follow up with you as soon as possible.

Media Inquiry

  • Please send your information and proposal to, and we will follow up with you as soon as possible.

Gift Card Purchases

  • Currently, we provide only physical gift card options. E-gift cards will be unavailable for purchase and will be coming soon. You can purchase physical gift cards in our stores while supplies last.

The e-gift card is in a PDF format with a QR code. You can use it to make in-store purchases or reload it into your Meet Fresh app account.

Group Orders

  • Please send your request to, and we will follow up with you as soon as possible.

Halal Options

  • Our desserts and ingredients are produced under halal restrictions, but we don’t have a halal certificate currently (The halal certificate is required to be renewed every year).

Old Gift Card Balance Check & Transfer

  • Please provide screenshots of the old gift cards with the serial number on them and send them to We will also need your Meet Fresh app account to transfer the balance.

To-go Tax

Meet Fresh California locations abide by all federal and local tax regulations:

  •         Meet Fresh is a restaurant and tax applies to the sales of hot prepared food products.
  •         Meet Fresh meets the criteria of the 80-80 rule.
  •         Meet Fresh is a (a) restaurant, items are (b) sold for immediate consumption with parking facilities provided for patrons, regardless if products are sold “to go.” Meet Fresh (e) cooks and prepares hot food products. And lastly, Meet Fresh provides (f) facilities for food consumption.

 For more details, please contact

Menu Items and Price

  • The item availability and price may vary. Please refer to to check out each store’s online menu for more details.

No Outside Food & Drink Policy

  • Meet Fresh USA does not allow outside food in our stores. As a food safety concern, since Meet Fresh does not prepare outside food, we do not have control of any potential allergens or food quality, thus, we cannot afford any potential liabilities of such situations. Additionally, Meet Fresh serves food and drinks, and the business counts food and beverage sales to help provide the highest level of customer service and experience.

Service Animal Policy

  • Meet Fresh corporate locations allow service animals into their establishments. For more information, please visit ADA Service Animal FAQs. Note: Please check with your local or state government regarding laws. The following may only apply to the state of California.