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Double Taro Signature

Double Taro Signature

586 Kcal

What’s inside?

Taro Balls, Taro Paste, Ice Cream, Grass Jelly Shaved Ice, Grass Jelly

The Double Taro Signature is another customer favorite! It’s a creamy upgrade from the Icy Grass Jelly Signature that includes taro paste and ice cream! It still has all of your favorites: signature Taro Balls, herbal jelly, and refreshing grass jelly shaved ice. 

*Includes 1 complimentary coffee creamer

Ingredients in Double Taro Signature

Taro Balls
Taro Balls

Soft, chewy, and delicate taro balls made from the finest taro

Taro Paste
Taro Paste

Finely selected taro imported from Taiwan in paste-like texture

Ice cream
Ice Cream

Vanilla ice cream for added creamy texture

Grass Jelly
Grass Jelly

Soft, refreshing, and aromatic herbal grass with cooling effects

Nutritional Information



Allergen Information

Dairy Allergen

*Contains Dairy, Gluten-Free

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