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Crystal Mochi Milk Shaved Ice

Crystal Mochi Milk Shaved Ice

1,348 Kcal

Previously Red Bean Milk Shaved Ice


What’s inside?

Crystal Mochi, Red Beans, Rice Balls, Melon Jelly, Ice Cream

The original Red Bean Milk Shaved Ice just got an upgrade! This shaved ice includes our NEW Crystal Mochi, fragrant red beans, mochi rice balls, sweet and chewy melon jelly, and ice cream. It’s a perfect treat if you’re craving something refreshing, sweet, and traditional.

Ingredients in Crystal Mochi Milk Shaved Ice

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Crystal Mochi

Chewy clear mochi with red bean paste filling

Red bean
Red Beans

Aromatic red beans that are sweet, earthy, and soft

Rice Balls
Rice Balls

Bouncy, chewy, mochi rice balls made from soft rice

Melon Jelly
Melon Jelly

Slightly sweet and chewy jelly made from winter melon tea

Ice cream
Ice Cream

Sweet, creamy, vanilla ice cream

Nutritional Information


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Allergen Information

Dairy Allergen

*Contains Dairy, Gluten-Free

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