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Cold Coco Sago Soup Combo C

Cold Coco Sago Soup Combo C

995 Kcal


Rice Balls, Melon Jelly, Sago, Mini Q, Coconut Milk

In Cold Coco Sago Soup Combo C, toppings include sweet and chewy Melon Jelly, mochi rice balls, chewy sago, and soft and chewy signature Mini Q, in a refreshing taro and coconut milk base. With every bite, you’ll feel cool and refreshed!

Ingredients in Cold Coco Sago Soup Combo C

Melon Jelly
Melon Jelly

Slightly sweet and chewy jelly made from Winter Melon Tea

Rice Balls
Rice Balls

Bouncy, chewy, mochi rice balls made from soft rice

Photo coming soon


Chewy and spongey starch from sago palm

Mini Q
Mini Q

Mini version of our signature Taro Balls

Nutritional Information



Allergen Information

Contains Peanut Allergen


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