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Meet Fresh – Great Tasting Taiwanese Desserts in Asia

Meet Fresh – Great Tasting Taiwanese Desserts in Asia

Many Taiwanese snacks, like tapioca milk tea, steamed buns, Taiwanese fried chicken and many other more, all have great reputation worldwide. Most popular items are the taro ball desserts, herbal jelly, tofu pudding and tea drinks, these are the traditional desserts that all Taiwanese have deeply rooted in their memory since childhood.

Meet Fresh, a Taiwan brand for delicious desserts, committed in serving the best Taiwanese desserts, has more than 500 stores in Asia and Australia. Since the first store of Meet Fresh was established in Taiwan, it has insisted on serving only hand-made desserts and fused with great creativity into these traditional recipes. In Meet Fresh, customers have the chance to taste the original Taiwanese flavor and enjoy it in a trendy, retro ambience where kindness is rendered through excellent service. Meet Fresh brings the well-loved Taiwan brand around the world for everyone to have a taste of their desserts and experience the special ingredients and the unique human touch of Taiwan. 

The secret of Meet Fresh’s success lies within the unique technique and skill of Sister & Brother Fu – they hold a strong philosophy in believing the key to obtain customer satisfaction, is to offer them the best-tasting desserts with sincerity and conscientiousness. The central kitchen based in Taiwan was given the certificates of ISO22000、ISO9001、HACCP and with operational costs near twenty million US dollars. The taro ball dessert is made from the fresh, high-quality and high premium Taro under the guidance of Sister & Brother Fu . The material comes from its original production places of Tachia and Jiaxian. It was produced under the food safety procedure of ISO international standards and thru nine manual procedures, no pigments, fragrance and preservatives was added to ensuring their healthy and safety quality. This is why the hand-made desserts in Meet Fresh are not only delicious but also have excellent quality and can be easily mass produced.

Meet Fresh pursues more than delicious taste, but also the strict standards on food hygiene and safety. The central kitchen located in Taiwan is certified by ISO international. A central plant was also built in Taicang City, Jiangsu Province, Mainland China, controlled by the high standard of QS. We are committed to deliver the delicious taste globally. We now have almost 500 stores located within 100 cities in Taiwan, Mainland China, Malaysia and Australia. It is expected that the flavor and our values will also be delivered to USA and other countries soon.