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Meet Fresh - To Deliver Taiwanese Desserts Across the Borders

Meet Fresh - To Deliver Taiwanese Desserts Across the Borders

Meet Fresh originates in Taiwan and currently has almost 500 stores in more than 100 cities in China, Malaysia, Australia, Korea, etc., providing customers worldwide with easy access to the delicacies.

Upon entering a Meet Fresh store, the life-size cardboard cutout of Sister and Brother Fu welcomes the customers and brand philosophy is on the wall to descript about their principle. Sister and Brother Fu, though 70 years old, still supervise the R&D of the desserts in the Taiwan headquarters, hoping to bring out the Taiwan traditional taste and infusenew creativity into traditional desserts along with a young and professional team. Hence, it is common to see various activities for taste tests and promotions of new products. New desserts will not be included in Meet Fresh’s menu unless and until they are accepted by customers with satisfaction.

Meet Fresh has a series of desserts like taro ball, herbal jelly, tofu pudding, traditional tea, etc. The distinctive Taiwanese flavor makes it popular among customers all over the world. However, the tastes of the desserts are slightly adjusted in accordance with the features and eating habits in different countries while keeping the original flavor. Customers all over the world can enjoy the enthusiastic and amicable services there. Besides, in order to offer innovative flavors for the customers in each season, the R&D team of Meet Fresh often visits different places globally and takes the advantage of local fresh materials to develop various desserts with unique characteristics,.

Our desserts make use of rich food ingredients, such as taro ball, herbal jelly, taro, sweet potato, tapioca, red bean, mung bean, peanut, winter melon, mochi, etc., which are favored by Chinese people in Taiwan and Asia. The No. 1 popular dessert is ‘Meet Fresh Signature Herbal Jelly’, which contains chewy taro ball, soft herbal jelly and delicious herbal blended ice. It can be enjoyed with the addition of fragrant coffee cream, making it well-loved by customers.

    Meet Fresh provides an atmosphere of fashion, coziness and Taiwan retro style. Customers are welcome to fully enjoy every dessert with their families and friends in Meet Fresh stores. We also sell various traditional tea as tea is representative of the oriental culture. Herbal Tea, Camellia Green Tea, Tapioca Milk Tea, Winter Melon Tea with Small Taro balls, etc. – all are good choices for customers. In addition, we will continue to launch more new desserts conforming to the taste and demands of the American market.