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The Brand Story of Meet Fresh – The Fu Siblings

The Brand Story of Meet Fresh – The Fu Siblings

Sister & Brother Fu are the eldest siblings in their family. They were born in a farming family up with a total of nine siblings in Fengyuan, Taichung. All of their little siblings and even neighbors and friends call them “ Sister & Bother Fu” directly. They are 70 years old now and still hold typical Taiwanese characters - single-minded and hospitable.

Sister & Brother Fu were very busy in their childhood, especially during the harvest season. Besides helping out in the field, , they have to take care of their little siblings. Moreover, they had to prepare various local desserts for everyone after they finished the hard work in the field. Sister Fu liked to make desserts ever since she was a child, e.g. taro ball , herbal jelly, jelly ice, tofu pudding, rice noodle, as well as other traditional desserts like turnip cake, rice dumpling, oil rice, etc. They were good at cooking and were highly praised by their neighbors. Later, they became famous for their skill in making desserts and everyone wanted to invite them to help out in the field to made farming more interesting. Nevertheless, they felt glad to share with others the distinctive Taiwanese delicacies and the warmth.

Later on, they were affected by the transformation of Taiwan agricultural society and planned to sell taro ball, herbal jelly and tofu pudding by the roadside after their retirement. However, their youngest brother - Fu Hsin-Chin (the chairman of Meet Fresh), who was 23 years younger than them and had been watching them make desserts with great interest for a long time, learned about this thought and convinced them otherwise. He believed that the delicious desserts made by Sister & Brother Fu should be shared with more people. “Desserts made by Sister & Brother Fu are really delicious and imbued with Taiwanese kindness and traditional flavors”. Therefore they began to brew the plan of opening up Meet Fresh, hoping to share with more people the Taiwan traditional desserts as well as the fond memories of their childhood.

After a year of prudent preparation, the first store of Meet Fresh was born in Taiwan in the beginning of 2007. Fu Hsin-Chin and Sister & Bother Fu constantly did taste tests and made innovations on the desserts, deliberating on how to add fresh taste to herbal jelly, tofu pudding, taro ball. They were committed to the basic requirements of using original materials and procedures, maintaining freshness, and ensuring products that are freshly made, cooked and sold. It is Meet Fresh’s operational philosophy to provide high-quality desserts and health-preserving products.

After the opening of first store, Sister & Bother Fu and staff in the company didn’t slacken, but still strived to make the desserts more delicious, healthier, and fresher by numerous R&D activities and improvements on the taste, which finally led to the present Meet Fresh products. They insisted on serving only hand-made desserts such as the delicious and chewy taro ball , fresh and soft herbal jelly, and delicate and traditional tofu pudding. Until today, they are still leading a team in the central kitchen in Taiwan to make delicious desserts from day to night, to bring the Taiwan traditional desserts to every store in the world.