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Exquisite Desserts- Meet Fresh to Celebrate New Opening in Mid 2014 ,Irvine

Exquisite Desserts- Meet Fresh to Celebrate New Opening in Mid 2014 ,Irvine

The Private Desserts of Sister and Brother Fu

Sister and Brother Fu grew up in a generational farming family in the Feng Yuan District of Taichung, Taiwan. Using traditional food materials and processes, they made chewy taro ball desserts, soft herbal jelly, and delicate traditional tofu pudding, as a continuation of traditional delicacies while integrating innovation!

Since its first store opening in 2007, Meet Fresh has been the leading brand for tasty Asian desserts. With more than 400 stores in over 100 cities in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia and South Korea, Meet Fresh has created unique and incomparable delicacies and become a sensation sweeping Asia. Originating in Taiwan, Meet Fresh is dedicated cooking, preparation, and selling desserts to customers daily. Accredited by three international standards for food safety management ISO 22000, ISO 9001 and HACCP, Meet Fresh’s central kitchen in Taiwan prepares fresh taro balls, herbal jelly and other food ingredients and delivers them directly to stores. Offering assorted tasty desserts and a dining environment with combination of fashion shop design and unique oriental elements, Meet Fresh is one of the best-loved dessert stores in Asia.

Meet Fresh’s signature products are taro ball desserts, herbal jelly desserts, tea drinks and other specialty desserts. The best-selling dessert is the “Meet Fresh Signature”, a perfect combination of chewy taro balls, delicate herbal jelly and herbal blended ice. Pour coffee cream on top of it and get ready to enjoy a taste sensation! Meet Fresh’s desserts are all smart combinations of a variety of food ingredients, including herbal jelly, taro, sweet potato, tapioca balls, red bean, mung bean, peanuts, winter melon, mochi and many other popular Asian foods. 


Tea is a quintessential symbol of Asian culture. Other than desserts, Meet Fresh also provides customers with bountiful choices of delicious tea drinks, such as black tea, green tea, tapioca milk tea and winter melon tea with small taro balls. In addition to all traditional Asian flavors, Meet Fresh will continue to launch new American-style desserts to cater to the more diversified taste preferences in the U.S. market.