The texture of the finest carefully selected taro is dense and soft and has appetizing and constipation prevention effects.

Herbal Jelly

Grasses possessing special aromas beautify the skin and prevent heatstroke and colds.

Sweet Potatoes

Possess a sweet and soft texture with low calories and cholesterol, high fiber, facilitates weight control.

Pearl Barley

Possesses abundant proteins and it is good for the benefit of smooth white skin.

Red bean

Fragrant after cooking, it has abundant iron which promotes circulation and increases immunity.

Soy bean

Usually processed into products such as soy milk, tofu pudding, etc., it possesses high nutritional value with protein, calcium, lecithin, etc.


Commonly known as “Longevity Fruit," it aids memory and slows down aging.

Green Bean

Possesses effects such as being a refreshing thirst quencher, mental stabilization, revitalization, etc.

100% Natural Ingredients

Strict Selection of 100% Natural Food Materials for better health