International Certification and Safety Guarantee

Easy Way Group invests NT$600 million to build a central kitchen at Taiwan Headquarter. The kitchen has achieved 3 international food hygiene, safety, and quality certifications- ISO22000, ISO9001 and HACCP.
Through core technology, standardized materials and ingredients supply, and channel distribution management, Easy Way Group examines and monitors its business and operations to ensure optimum product quality. Adhere to such principle, Easy Way Group is acknowledged by consumers and leads.


ISO 22000 International Food Safety and Hygiene Control System


ISO 9001 Product Quality System


HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

A standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization, is the only global food safety and hygiene control certification system.
Effectively enhance food hygiene and quality.
Strictly control food safety risks, to
prevent food hazards and protect brand image.
Strengthen reliability and service in Easy Way Group.


A standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization which aids
enterprises to manage their product quality and customer-centric services with a management system that emphasizes on procedures and performance.
Rationalize and standardize var ious business operations to enhance overall
performance and effectiveness.
Strengthen employees’ loyalty towards enterprises and improve customer service standards.
Promote international enterprise economic cooperation and technical exchanges.


HACCP is a systematic preventative approach which analyzes hazard factors and degrees at every step of
the manufacturing process. It is a management system which prevents hazards.
Strengthen internal management and improve service quality.
Prevent and manage hazards.
Fulfill food regulations implemented by Codex Alimentar ius Commission.


Introduction of Central Kitchen

The central kitchen is clearly divided into cleaning work area, non-food work area, and general work area to prevent cross-contamination of raw materials. The kitchen also implements a complete high-standard management system to
ensure the highest hygiene level (cleanliness and disinfection) in the food preparation area, factory equipment and facilities. Easy Way Group also organizes related employee training courses etc.


All personnel need to clean their shoes in the disinfectant pool prior to entering all food manufacturing and preparation areas.


The doors are placed at the entrances of all controlled manufacturing and preparation areas. The doors only open in 1 direction to manage personnel’s movement and ensure zero contamination.


All personnel are required to pass by this area to make sure the showers remove dust and hair on clothes and hats before entering all food manufacturing and preparation areas.


All packaged goods pass through the metal detectors to ensure that there are no metallic impurities in the goods prior to delivery. This ensures that all goods are of the highest quality and hygiene level.


The console takes samples on a daily basis to check levels of microorganism
contamination. This ensures that all products are of the highest quality and hygiene level.


This room is designated for manufacturing Taro balls. The Taro balls are chewy and purely hand-made.


The automatic packaging equipment prevents contaminated hands and impurities to contaminate finished products. This ensures highest quality and hygiene level, plus ensur ing that all goods are packaged in the same way. High effectiveness also comes out.